The idiom says, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.

The winter months are our quiet time here at The Oaks Bed and Breakfast – a time for us to polish and prepare the inn for our summer guests.  It also gives us the opportunity to travel.  And while it was time well-spent, to return home reminds us of the genuine beauty, culture and lifestyle that we enjoy here in the mountains.  It’s “your time” to discover – or rediscover – this unique and beautiful place.

The spring mornings have awakened the plants and trees, while painting the hills and valleys with colorful foliage.  The

Green River Gorge 7-07

The Green River Gorge, Saluda, NC. Popular for kayaking, tubing and trout fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains..

friendly smiles of the town folk welcome you to a place like no other.  The only traffic light in town is a flashing yellow at the school crosswalk.  Zero pollution and our mountain-top advantage promise night skies lit by only stars, the serenade of the Spring Peepers off in the woods and the perfume of lilac wafting through your window.

Local music and art kick-off the first organized celebration of the season, with the Saluda Art Festival, May 16th.  No need to worry about parking or finding a seat in a restaurant.  Simply book your comfortable and spacious accommodations at The Oaks Bed and Breakfast and enjoy a relaxing stroll to Main Street, a sumptuous gourmet breakfast and the hospitality that The Oaks Bed and Breakfast is famous for!