What Makes Saluda a “Playful City”?

Playful City USA Honoree.

Playful City USA Honoree.

What does it mean to be one of America’s most “Playful Cities”?

The non-profit organization, KaBoom!, has honored Saluda (for the second year) for its efforts in creating an environment that – quite simply – promotes outdoor activity!

With schools releasing their students for summer vacation, there no doubt will be the temptation for many to remain sedentary in front of the TV or computer.

The American Academy of Pediatrics had written that outdoor play is critical to healthy brain development, stimulating creativity and imagination, while building physical and cognitive strength.

It is inspiring to pass any of the parks within walking distance of The Oaks Bed and Breakfast and witness the interaction between kids and their parents as they play catch in the schoolyard or practice their serve on the tennis courts. Such a simple act as a walk with Granddad on a quiet lane or trail opens conversational possibilities creating a bond that lasts forever.

The emotional connection between a husband and his wife as he pushes her gently on a swing under a brilliant summer sky. Their children have grown, but for one shining moment, they are young again.

How wonderful it is to have all this and to share it with others.

Now is the time to visit one of America’s Most Playful Cities and reconnect with your children, your inner child . . . your husband, your wife . . . your life. Contact The Oaks Bed and Breakfast for reservations:
828-749-2000 — or visit us on facebook.



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