Geraniums on the Veranda

Geraniums on the Veranda.

Beneath the shade of the old oak tree sits a friendly home, built during a time when ladies walked to Main Street with parasols in hand and gentlemen dressed for dinner.  Guests are welcomed, with a cool drink, while their bags were carried to their accommodations.

The windows opened broadly to invite in the sunshine and comfortable mountain breezes and for those who wish to immerse themselves in the total experience, the Garden Terrace, Veranda and back deck are waiting.

Wind chimes serenade as geraniums cast their perfume to the afternoon sky.  You gaze upon this ancient oak with its dark craggy bark and the ivy that grows upon it and ask, “How shall I spend this beautiful day?”  Shopping on Main Street; perhaps an early dinner and a night at the Flat Rock Playhouse?  Maybe a simple hike to a local waterfall to photograph wildflowers in their natural glory.

Or should I just sit here with you mighty oak, place my book to the side, and have you speak to me of summers past.

How you decide to spend your time at The Oaks Bed and Breakfast is completely up to you.  And that’s the way it should be – don’t you think?  One thing is for certain, your time will belong to you and your breakfasts will be monumental!  Make some history of your own by calling The Oaks Bed and Breakfast today!  Friend us on Facebook!