An Oaks favorite, Banana/Cream Cheese French  Toast w/apple wood cured bacon.

The Art of Breakfast

by Dale Potruski
Summer 2012
From my first experience helping prepare Sunday breakfast with my Dad, to the craft of fine dining that I learned from working at some of Michigan, Florida and North Carolina’s best restaurants, I realized  that dining is an art.  Food preparation is very gratifying and extremely satisfying when it comes to our guests.  Every feast includes fresh fruit (local and seasonal), a breakfast meat (apple wood cured bacon, fresh ground country sausage or lean ham) and an entrée that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the pallet. 
Breakfast at The Oaks is an event and friends that stay with us for up to a week, will never be greeted by the same plate more than once.“I challenge myself to come up with a new and different menu every day,” explains Dale, the owner and chef of The Oaks Bed and Breakfast.  “I try to alternate meals between sweet one day and savory the next – something square, something round.   A great deal of thought and preparation goes into every presentation.”
“Accommodating guests with special dietary requirements or food allergies is never a problem”.  Dale promises, “With advance notice we can put a smile on everybody’s face!”

Table set for breakfast.


Happy Group Enjoys Breakfast.